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The current payment slips will be replaced by the Swiss QR InvoiceS in the next few years with the aim of increasing the use of automated processes. This means that in the future, suppliers will only be using QR invoices.

QR invoicing can be used starting from 30.06.2020 onwards. However, one can assume that the old known documents will remain valid for a longer transition period until all the banks and computerized systems have completed the conversion to the QR document.

The financial institutions are working closely with the software industry in order to ensure a smooth transition towards this new standard. If you need more detailed information, please contact your bank directly. We are also available to answer any questions you may have.

The QR-Slip

Picture: The new QR-Slip (Source: SIX)

In the above example one can see the structure of the QR calculation. The payment section replaces the existing orange and red pay slips and also allows the usage of the existing procedures using ISR reference number and notification.

The payment section consists of two elements:

Swiss QR Code
Is an electronically readable QR code that contains all the payment information. As implemented by SIX, this can also be recognised directly by the Swiss cross in the middle.

Legible payment information
In addition to the QR code, the payment information is also printed in plain text so that the QR invoice can continue to be used analogously.


The switch to QR invoicing and the elimination of the old payment slips offers numerous advantages.

No special printer is needed to print a QR slip. It can be printed with standard printers, both laser and inkjet. This means that one no longer needs pre-printed payment slips, as one can print the QR invoice on any paper you like (except coated or reflective types).

Alternative Integration
One can integrate the QR invoice directly into the paper invoice or as a component of digital applications, such as e-mail invoicing. It is also possible to attach the QR image to posters, flyers and other advertising material.

Additional Information
The QR image can contain much more information compared to today’s documents. For example, the invoice number, the purpose of payment or the company identification can be mentioned directly.

Using a reader, the information can be quickly and easily captured and sent to the bank. In addition to the familiar readers, the QR code can also be scanned with a smartphone.

Further information on QR billing can be found at the SIX under the following (See Link).

mammut swiss qr handy reader

Together with the next release of our products, mammut is introducing the “mammut Swiss QR Handy Reader”. This mobile phone reader allows you to send QR images directly to the mammut program, completely wirelessly. All you need is an Android mobile phone (IPhone planned) and a Bluetooth connection to your computer. If your computer does not support Bluetooth, you can also purchase a cheap Bluetooth adapter.

We recommend the following Bluetooth adapters:
– TPLInk UB400
– Asus BT400

The mammut Swiss QR Handy Reader service will also be installed on your computer. Once the installation and configuration have been completed, you can get started immediately. As soon as the connection is established, you can scan all QR invoices with your mobile phone, the data is read and is automatically displayed directly on your screen. If you want to scan further documents, click on “Save and new” and you can scan further documents without interruption.

Our solution saves you the purchase of expensive document readers. Since the connection only exists between your computer and mobile phone, no Internet access takes place, so no need to worry about security.

Hardware requirements:
Bluetooth adapter
Android mobile phone from Android version 7

The app will be available to buyers as a download link.

For further questions or to order this solution, please contact our Infoline directly.