Our motto: Electronic banking with competence and passion!

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Our motto: Electronic banking with competence and passion!



Nadja Bruderer, CFO

Head of Finance, Member of the Executive Board


Bernhard Turban, CQO

Quality control, Member of the Executive Board

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Wolfgang Grinfeld, CTO

Development Manager

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Paras Ram, CIO

Head of IT

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Fatima Ezieva

Administration, Member of the Executive Board


Roland Fankhauser

Head of Sales, Member of the Executive Board


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Loredana L'Amico



Marcel Ganz


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Tanja Huber

Support / Projects


Vanda Olloni

Facility Manager

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Dino Pitassi

Support / Projects


Paul Meier

Support / Projects


Xavier Steyer

Key Account Responsable Romandie


Lukas Roth


About us

mammut soft computing ag was founded in 1993. From the very beginning, the company’s strategic goal has been to manufacture, distribute and maintain e-banking software for banks, companies of all sizes and private individuals. The mammut e-Banking software offers connectivity to a multitude of financial institutions worldwide. This multibanking capability is one of our trademarks. 

With our innovative corporate solutions, we have been the market leader in the SME sector in Switzerland since 1998.

With our SBS (Swiss Banking Server with EBICS), we offer solutions for banks. As innovation is our strength, our customers are using the latest formats and standards that are applied in e-banking worldwide. In 2003, we succeeded in entering the multinational and larger firms sector, in which we have taken a leading position since 2004. We set another milestone in 2013 with the web-based solutions, which are suitable for each of our client segments.  Five years later, the implementation of the new product rent.a.mammut followed. This was implemented in cooperation with Swisscom as a cloud solution. Over the past few years, Swiss payment transactions have undergone many innovations with new payment formats such as PAIN.001, CAMT.05X download functions according to ISO 20022 and the replacement of the ISR document with the QR document. To ensure that our products comply with the guidelines and requirements of our customers and banks, a lot has been invested in the area of security. The most important innovations in this area are our security mechanisms, such as the fully integrated app solution (TOTP) for a two-step login with one-time password, but also for additional protection when sending payments and SAML for a single sign-on when logging in to our products. These safety components can also be combined with each other.

Our products support our customers in their daily cash management processes and help to optimize this time-consuming work through automation and indirectly save costs through significantly lower workload. In the area of downloading bank receipts / e-documents as PDF and debtors, a lot of time can be saved directly, because our products can forward the downloaded data to one or more ERP systems and accounting programs through scheduled and automatic downloads. The individual and recurring login to all e-banking platforms are no longer necessary and are integrated into a central multibanking platform. The added value lies in the fact that you have a complete view of all accounts at your different banks and have an overview of your finances at all times in order to efficiently do financial planning/cash pooling. We specialize in cash management processes and focus on the interfaces (data exchange) between your banks and your document management systems or ERP solutions.

In 2022, we expanded our product offering with the new IT Services and Development Services. Due to the many daily customer contacts, we get to know new customer environments every day, on which we install our software products at our customers’ premises. On the one hand, the software must meet all today’s security standards, but on the other, attention should also be paid to the IT environment on which the software is installed. That’s why we want to highlight this topic to our customers as well and offer an analysis of the existing IT environment with our security assessment. From this evaluation, we can show our customers where there may be gaps and can then offer individual solutions and implement them if required.

Through these enhancements in the area of IT services, our customers now also have the opportunity to use their own server infrastructure with a mammut product or acquire a cloud environment from us, on which other software products can also be installed.

With our flexible models, many years of experience, certified specialists and a professional organization, we are the ideal IT outsourcing partner at your side. As part of a partial outsourcing of your IT environment, we offer you the support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure by means of a customer-specific Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Depending on your wishes, we can also take over the entire operational responsibility in the form of complete (full) outsourcing. We combine on-site services and cloud services to create a perfectly tailored, sustainable and, above all, secure overall solution.

With our Development Services, we support our customers in specific development projects in the area of mobile app development, custom software development and website development for SMEs or for private individuals.

The company mammut soft computing ag is a successful and customer-oriented company and is wholly owned by the company owners. This constellation makes us independent and enables us to realize our innovative ideas and individual customer wishes sustainably and efficiently.

Our motto is: Electronic banking with passion and competence.

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