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mammut SWISS QR Handy Reader

This mobile phone reader allows you to send QR images directly to the mammut program, completely wirelessly. Check out the following video to see how the app works.

All you need to use the app is an Android mobile phone and a Bluetooth connection to your computer. If your computer does not support Bluetooth, you can also purchase a cheap Bluetooth adapter.

We recommend the following Bluetooth adapters:
– TPLInk UB400
– Asus BT400

mammut SWISS QR Handy Reader

starting fromCHF 99.-

1 User: CHF 99.-

2 User: CHF 189.-

3 User: CHF 279.-

5 User: CHF 459.-

10 User: CHF 899.-

unlimited: CHF 1’999.-

All prices quoted do not include VAT and do not include additional work for setup and configuration.

The mammut Swiss QR Handy Reader service will also be installed on your computer. Once the installation and configuration have been completed, you can get started immediately. As soon as the connection is established, you can scan all QR invoices with your mobile phone, the data is read and is automatically displayed directly on your screen. If you want to scan further documents, click on “Save and new” and you can scan further documents without interruption.

Our solution saves you the purchase of expensive document readers. Since the connection only exists between your computer and mobile phone, no Internet access takes place, so no need to worry about security.

Hardware requirements:
Bluetooth adapter
Android mobile phone from Android version 7

The app will be available to buyers as a download link.

For further questions or to order this solution, please contact our Infoline directly.

Für weitere Fragen oder um diese Lösung zu bestellen, melden Sie sich bitte direkt bei unserer Infoline.


Please contact us, our consultants will be happy to give you further information.
Interested partners and bank employees also have the opportunity to obtain a demo link. So you can have a look at the program.

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