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Your partner for professional IT Services from Switzerland

We implement and support your IT infrastructure on site or in the cloud.

We have been developing payment transaction solutions and multibanking platforms for more than 30 years and count more than 3000 corporate customers in all industries among our customers. We attach great importance to security within our banking software, but also to the IT environments on which our products with sensitive data are installed.

That’s why we offer you an overall solution that also enables us to protect the IT infrastructure against possible cyber attacks in the best possible way.

Our IT specialists analyze your existing IT environment using a detailed assessment and can work out a concept that is perfectly tailored to you. Checking your systems with regard to security aspects plays a central role. Our IT security expert team can show you exactly where the strengths and weaknesses in your environment lie.

Based on the analysis, we can offer you a complete IT solution tailored to your needs. The IT infrastructure can be placed at your site, existing servers can be retained or, as an alternative, we can offer you a pure cloud solution (Microsoft Azure or Amazon Webservices (AWS)). Of course, these technologies can also be combined, in which we operate a hybrid solution with partly local servers at your site and in a perfectly networked cloud server landscape.

We take care of your entire or, depending on your needs, only individual areas of your server infrastructure, your own company network, your printer, firewall, WLAN and set up your workstations including applications. You can focus on your core business and we ensure that your systems function smoothly and are regularly checked and maintained.

Our goal is that you achieve maximum security while keeping costs as low as possible. This balancing act is a challenge for every company and we are happy to support you with these projects.

Below, you will find all the Products / Services that we offer, which you can acquire individually or combine to have a complete state-of-the-art IT solution.

Move to Cloud – Cloud Assessment and Migration 

Move to Cloud is the process of moving your company’s digital services, applications, and IT resources either partially, or fully, into cloud-based systems.

Moving to the cloud is important for every company. The benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure include faster innovation, higher availability and improved ROI when compared to on premise systems. However, moving too quickly can put your business at risk due to lack of proper preparation.

The best way to start this journey is by talking with us and clarifying your priorities so we can offer you a solution adapted to your needs.

We do the assessment of your “as-is” infrastructure, your data and application landscape and recommend you the right solution (including no-go to cloud) on AWS/ Azure cloud.

We deliver a clear cloud roadmap and strategy, along with detailed implementation and management of your Cloud infrastructure at reasonable and optimized costs. With us as the right partner, you can accelerate the pace of cloud adoption more quickly and affordably, while ensuring complete control over your IT resources.

Give us a call to know more or simply send us an email and we will get back to you.




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IT Outsourcing for SMEs

IT outsourcing means you delegate the administration, management, and operation of your IT to an external service provider which takes care of the operation of your IT infrastructure according to agreed SLA.

Today, every SME depends on a well-functioning IT infrastructure. Many systems and programs are used for daily business in every company. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the entire environment, regularly and reliably. For many smaller companies however,  it rarely makes financial sense to hire their own IT experts and maintain their own IT department because the costs are very high (personnel costs, training and further education costs in a constantly changing IT world). Therefore, it is very difficult to operate your IT as securely as possible and without major failures. Often the internal IT staff lacks know-how because they are not specialized enough. We have often experienced that a single person has to take care of the entire IT, which can also be problematic, if the person is unavailable due to vacations or other absences.

Outsourcing is a secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to reduce operating costs and streamline your business processes.  IT outsourcing – gives your employees the opportunity to concentrate on their core business and to use their time profitably. And at the same time they benefit from the fact that they have stable IT tools and professional IT support at their disposal.   

With more than 30 years of experience running an SME in the software and IT industry, we would be happy to introduce ourselves to you personally, to show you the possibilities of IT outsourcing. You are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to advise you individually.

With the following options, you can also only partially outsource your IT, depending on your needs:

  • Managed Servers / Workstations:

It includes:

    • Initial Check, cleaning, optimizing Servers/workstations including managed Anti-Virus
    • Continuous Monitoring of system resources, functionality, services, event logs and performance
    • OS Updates and Security patching, Anti-Virus Updates
    • Standardized documentation for updates, inventory and software versions

Your benefits:

Your server/workstation systems are constantly monitored, maintained with up-to-date necessary updates and security patches. You can devote yourself completely to your day-to-day business and our experienced IT experts take care of your systems, saving you the cost of hiring and training in-house IT staff.

  • Managed Backup:

It includes:

    • Definition and periodic review of the backup strategy
    • Ongoing data backup according to the defined backup process
    • Daily backup monitoring, verification and weekly reports
    • Storage space secured multiple times – in the data center or locally
    • In the event of errors in data backup: alerting and troubleshooting
    • Periodic simulation of data recovery
    • Standardized documentation of data backup processes

Your benefits:

You have the right backup strategy
Your data is secured according to the highest security standards
You have the flexible choice: local or online backup, or both
Minimal disruption to your operations due to data loss

  • Managed Firewall:

It includes:

    • Deployment and configuration of a modern next-generation firewall
    • Continuous monitoring, Patching, configuration backup of firewall
    • Customization including setting up new users, VPN etc.
    • Alerting in case of significant incidents and firewall replacement in case of failure
    • Reporting of network utilization and attacks

Your benefits:

Your Firewall is always up to date. Attack attempts are detected in real time and Your operations are not interrupted by attacks.

  • Managed Antivirus :

It includes:

    • Latest generation Web based antivirus solution from Symantec
    • Central monitoring, customization, Update and management of antivirus solution and alerting in case of danger
    • Standardized reporting and inventory

Your benefits:

Your Anti-virus protection is always up-to-date, Attacks are detected and prevented in real time, blocking ransomware or malware attacks and you will be informed about extraordinary events.

  • IT Support:

Do you need IT support- regular or one time, remote or on site, office time or outside office time?

With our IT-support Service, you have the peace of mind and our certified, highly trained IT experts, take care of your issues like Support for PCs, laptops, servers, printers, networks and data recovery. We will also gladly advice you on hardware purchase.

  • Home office Setup for Individuals:

Do you need support at home?
We analyze your requirement at home and advise you directly on site. Be it problems with the Internet connection, operating system or software problems. We offer following services for individuals:

    • On-site analysis and advice on hardware and software
    • Individual IT training
    • Windows operating system support
    • Microsoft Office support
    • New installations of operating system and software
    • Email setup or troubleshooting
    • Installation and configuration of peripheral devices such as printers, keyboards, etc.
    • Network such as LAN/WLAN or VPN setup
Give us a call to know more or simply send us an email and we will get back to you.




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IT Security Checkup

The topic of IT security is very important for SMEs as Data leaks can severely affect a company’s business development: unprotected confidential information can reach competitors or damage the company’s reputation.

Companies are attacked every day and an efficient defense against such attacks is not easy. Even the supposedly best-protected companies and organizations are hacked or infected by malware which means that absolute security is an illusion. We SMEs should make it as difficult as possible for attackers to gain access to our systems and data.

With our IT Security Check for SMEs, we perform a comprehensive inspection of your IT infrastructure at your site. The inspection will consist of a comprehensive risk report, with risk assessment, vulnerabilities, warnings and problem summary. We will provide a thorough and detailed list of security threats throughout the network including installed software versions and security updates. Additionally, we assess all servers and PCs located at your facility in order to determine any risks associated with them. We then use this information to make an action plan outlining what needs to be done to address any problems detected.

Give us a call to know more or simply send us an email and we will get back to you.




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Microsoft 365 for SMEs – we will take care of it for you!

With Microsoft 365 you not only get the latest version of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel etc.), but much more. For example, it offers a cost-effective solution for your mail server (Exchange online) or the option of storing data with OneDrive and SharePoint, being able to access it from anywhere and working on it in groups simultaneously. 

The TEAMS feature has rapidly established itself as a practical and easy communication tool for online meetings within your SME with your employees or with external partner companies, customers or external consultants. In the workplace area, there has been a clear trend that has emerged in recent years. Many companies allow their employees to work in a home office, in a hybrid model, or completely in a home office and therefore TEAMS with the video telephony function became more and more important to allow internal communication and meetings to be held together.


Some key features of Microsoft 365 are:

  • You always have the current version of Word, Excel, Outlook etc.
  • You can use Microsoft 365 with or without data storage in the cloud (OneDrive).
  • The Microsoft 365 license can be installed on up to five different devices per user – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone etc. – also privately
  • You don’t need an Exchange server, which reduces maintenance costs
  • You can access your documents and data (Word, Excel, etc.) and can also edit them in the browser from anywhere
  • With Microsoft 365, your team can work on documents simultaneously
  • With Microsoft Teams, you get a modern and widespread communication solution for meetings, chat, video calls, intranet and webinars
  • Can be combined with existing Office licenses

Contact us to check whether Microsoft 365 is also worthwhile for your company?

Give us a call to know more or simply send us an email and we will get back to you.




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