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Final QR release

Final QR release

We are pleased to announce that the latest release for the following versions is now available:

  • rent.a.mammoth
  • mammoth LION
  • mammoth FOX
You can find detailed information on the new features in the enclosed release notes.
Above all, we would like to draw your attention to the following important innovations:  
  • BEKB Edocs from versions 2022 (2nd quarter)
  • Ebics 3.0 activated


  • Assignment of user rights even with more than 500 bank accounts.


  • Download to automatic posting in the ERP system with posting rules.
  • Time savings on daily (secondary) activities in all operations.

Security / new technologies:

  • Broadcast list and two-step login can be replaced by TOTP (additional module)
  • SAML with ADFS 2 productive customers (additional module)
  • Updating the Windows operating systems / server change (more security through new versions of operating systems), so that the mammut runs in a safe environment
  • Security advice in the area of ​​ZV and data exchange (encrypted files).

Additional modules:

  • CAMT054 / 053 routing (comparable to current ESR splitting)
  • QR mobile phone reader app (only Android possible at the moment)
  • External PAIN Manager (Detailed PAIN002 evaluation for external files)

In addition to the innovations and adjustments of the spring release, we would like to draw your attention to our consulting :

  • Advice on conversion QR / Camt.054 / CAMT.053 / CAMT.052
  • Refresher training after staff changes
  • Automatic import of payment files and advice on transfer directories (maximum restriction of access rights)
  • Automatic download and storage of PDF bank documents (e-documents) on your file system
  • Search function in mammut for e-documents. Scanning of PDF content within our mammut products
  • PAIN.002 Evaluations / automatic comparison of status logs
  • Cash pooling / cash management within mammut (definition of upper balance limits)

You are welcome to contact our administration
+ 41 (0)62 737 00 00 or info@mammut-soft.ch for an installation appointment or a training appointment .

We are of course happy to answer any further questions you may have.


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